Apprenticeship in Freeport Maine at Winter Hill Farm

Apprenticeship in Freeport, ME at Winter Hill Farm

Winter Hill Farm hires one apprentice (couples are considered as well) to live, work and learn on the farm for a full year. The goal of our program is to integrate the apprentice in to all aspects of the farm business. Apprentices will participate in a wide variety of activities, including: milking cows; husbandry of cows, chickens and pigs; vegetable production from soil preparation to vegetable harvesting and marketing; bottling milk; making yogurt, kefir and cheese; washing eggs; delivering orders; food preservation; bookkeeping. The apprentice should leave Winter Hill at the end of a yearlong stay feeling confident in and competent with their new farming skills. Apprentices will be expected to participate in all farm activities, and will work with the farmers to fine tune a work schedule according to the farmers’ needs and the apprentices’ interests. Apprentices must be able to lift 50 lbs unassisted and have a valid driver’s license.

Details of commitment:
Apprentices will live in their own studio apartment in the loft of a barn attached to the homestead. They will receive a monthly wage of $500 (slightly more, DOE) in addition to housing and some board, including dairy, vegetables, eggs and some meat. Apprentices will also be provided lunch on most regular work days as well as dinner with the farm family on occasion. Most weeks apprentices will have two days off, though there are some weeks when we will need apprentices to work more days. Apprentices will have a week-long paid vacation as well as some paid holidays off. The farmers and the apprentices will work together to determine a work and holiday/vacation schedule.

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