Apprenticeship on Farm in South Dakota

Apprenticeship on Farm in South Dakota, 2013 Join the crew at one of the only organic vegetable farms in South Dakota. Located in the heart of the breadbasket yet still on the fringe of the organic food movement, Muddy Pumpkin Farms seeks creative and hard-working individuals who are passionate about local food. Previous experience in farming is not required but encouraged. Apprentices will be involved in all aspects of small-scale, diversified farming including planning, planting, irrigating, weeding, harvesting and direct marketing. Special emphasis will be placed on building soil tilth, producing compost and organic pest and weed control. Applicants should be comfortable in leadership roles, able to keep good records and have strong communication skills. Experience with equipment maintenance is also appreciated. For details about the position and how to apply click "read more"

Change may start on the coasts and in the cities but there are few landscapes where a new way of farming is more essential than South Dakota, home of the richest soils and biggest tracts of farmland. Be part of the reworking of the hinterlands from mega-tractor industrial food systems as you grow food for local restaurants, farmers markets and local reservation schools. Our farm located on 700 acres of pristine prairie hills situated above the meeting point of the Missouri and White Rivers. Across the Missouri is one of the nation’s largest food deserts including the Pine Ridge Resrvation, one of the world’s poorest places. We are transitioning the pasturelands into a diverse patchwork of permaculture, orchards and vegetable crops as we explore the transition to organic and/or biodynamic certification.

The last two years suggest that our location is a climate crucible of sorts, prone to sustained droughts and incredible heat. These extremes are likely a portent of the future, not just for our little farm but conditions that farmers around the globe will face. For this reason, we place great value on crop diversity, water conservation and saving the seed of the heirloom plants that thrive the best through the extreme seasons. If you can farm here – on the fringe of alternative food culture and through the extreme summer weather — you can farm anywhere.

The position is paid. Stipend amount will be based on experience. On-farm housing in a new (still under construction) lodge is available.

Here is a link to the online application for the position:

Contact: Mark Werner

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