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Aspen Moon Farm

Aspen Moon Farm in Hygiene, Colorado, is Hiring 3 or More Interns for the 2018 Season

A little about us: Owners Jason and Erin have 3 children and Aspen Moon Farm is our home.  We personally own 2 ½ acres, about 1 ½ of this is farmed and includes our greenhouse and hoophouses. The Farm owns another adjacent 9 acres and we lease another 24 neighboring acres, which includes the farm intern house located across the street from the home farm.  The farm recently leased another 60 acres at a remote location (connected to a waldorf school) about 20 minutes away.  The students come to participate in the farm some in the fall and we are continuing to develop this relationship with the school.  Aspen Moon Farm is the steward for a total of 99 acres, of which about 21 is cultivated in crops.  This is a lot and a takes a fair amount of organizing and flexibility.  We have a great team of returning staff that are part of the Aspen Moon Farm family.  We currently have a 200+ member CSA, a seasonal roadside Farmstand, and attend 3 weekly Farmers Markets.  We do a little wholesale and have a few events also.  All of our crops are started from seeds we plant.   We grow and sell certified organic starter plants in the spring, continuing through the season with a great diversity of veggie crops including berries, and finishing up the fall heavy with storage crops including our own heirloom cornmeal, popcorn, and heritage wheat.  We love to farm and are passionate about being part of growing the local food community.  We are dedicated to the Biodynamic method.  We have been small business owners for over 16 years (previously we did landscaping and building).  We farm because we love it, but also because we have the need and desire to have a profitable business.  This is important and provides sustainability.  Our goal is for interns to observe the entire operation of a small farm from, the more obvious, plant care to, the less obvious, marketing, record-keeping, management, trouble-shooting, and the occasional harvesting broccoli in the dark because there was a lot more than you expected under that row cover.  Interns may not be directly involved in all aspects of the farm work, but will be present to see everything.  Every year we have some great returning staff and we have learned that it is the WHOLE family of staff along with a positive working environment that makes Aspen Moon Farm awesome.  

Aspen Moon Farm Internship Description:  Intern positions at Aspen Moon Farm are meant for those wishing to pursue a career in farming.  Those interested in hobby gardening will not fit this position.  Previous farm experience is preferred.  This is serious work and demands a person who is strong in physical body, mind, and spirit. Physical demands are high and involve long hours of work in all kinds of weather including rain, snow, wind, and dry heat; sometimes with prevalent mosquitoes too.  To be immersed in the whole farm for an entire season is truly an exceptional experience and is the only true way to get a taste for the life of farming. You will come to appreciate weather, soil, water, and work in entirely new ways.  You will live and breathe the FARM!!  Expect to be challenged! Interns are expected to arrive ready to work with appropriate attire and the means to meet other personal needs (health insurance, phone, computer, transportation, boots and gear for working in all weather, food other than farm produce, etc…).  No partners or pets can be accommodated and no tobacco use is permitted.  A  one-month trial period will be followed by an evaluation to see if this is a good fit for both you and the farm.  Work weeks will be 5-6 days of 8-11 hours plus Farmers Market on Saturdays.  Daily farm chores, such as animal care and opening hoophouses may be additional work. Last year, we were able to offer our staff a catered lunch made primarily from our farm produce once a week from a local chef.  This helped to nourish our whole Aspen Moon Farm team while we are giving so much in time and labor. We hope to offer this again in 2018.

The primary work of a first year intern involves spring plant care and greenhouse work, harvesting, preparing for CSA and markets, field work with hand tools, BD fertility and pest management.  After completing a year as an intern at Aspen Moon Farm, one may apply for a second year of employment as an Apprentice (which would involve more in-depth training in machine work, seeding, and irrigation) OR as a crew leader (which involves some management and record keeping).

A typical work week for interns is M-F with some Saturday Farmers Markets (additional pay for all Saturdays worked):

Mondays-planting and field work (Additional compensation is provided for Mondays worked)

Tuesdays- harvest for CSA and (this is a long day with CSA pick-up 4-7pm)

Wednesdays- harvest, field work and evening farmers market (we rotate staff for this market)

Thursdays- field work and harvest

Fridays- Harvest, harvest, harvest and prepare for Saturday markets

Saturdays- Farmer’s Markets 6am-3/4pm (includes load and unload time).  This is a paid day in addition to the stipend


We have 3 openings for full-time interns with on-farm housing, farm produce and eggs when available, plus $700-$1000/month depending on experience.  Additional income is provided for Saturdays worked (some are required, but it is always an option for extra pay).  The 3 bedroom house has a shared kitchen, bath, and living space.  We also offer a 4 month winter internship that you may inquire about.

Qualifications required:

  • Must be able to commit to the full season of March/April- November.
  • Agricultural experience, preferably with vegetable production
  • Must have the ability to work long hours in all kinds of weather and to be able to lift 50lb.+
  • Must be interested in pursuing a career in agriculture
  • Must be able to work closely with a team and do well with this and be independently motivated during non-work hours.
  • Must be interested in and willing to jump in and contribute to all aspects of farming, which is the best way to learn about it all too.
  • An ability to pace one’s self, working faster when the job requires speed, is a plus

To apply:

Please send a resume, at least 3 work references, and respond to the following questions:

  1. Have you worked on a farm? (if your answer is no, please describe any applicable work experience and explain why you think you would be a good farmer)
  2. Describe your farm work experience and list your set of skills.
  3. What will you contribute to our farm?
  4. What do you hope to gain from your internship experience?
  5. When things get hard, what do you do to take care of yourself?
  6. What is Biodynamic agriculture to you?
  7. Tell us something about yourself that you would like to share.
  8. Full legal name, contact information, and birthday

Thank you for your interest in Aspen Moon Farm!

Jason Griffith and Erin Dreistadt

Aspen Moon Farm LLC.

8020 Hygiene Rd. (our mailing address, not the address for the intern house)

Longmont, CO 80503


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