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Community Supported Garden Apprenticeships for 2018 in New Jersey – Community Supported Garden at Genesis Farm

The Community Supported Garden at Genesis Farm (CSG) has been a pioneer in the community food movement for 30 years. The farm started as a garden with roadside sales and grew to a CSA that includes over a hundred different vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers, seasonal or year-round distribution, laying chickens, work with school groups, a farm camp, and a thriving apprenticeship program.

The majority of work is done by a small team of farmers. The support of the farmers, all of the operating costs, and the capital improvements are carried by the shareholder community. All of the abundance of the food is divided among the shareholders. Food left over after distribution hours is given to local food pantries. The farm is working toward removing itself from the inequities, injustices and ecological devastation of the present market system. It is a social as well as an economic alternative.

At present, the CSG uses approximately 51 acres of land through a 50-year lease with the Dominican Sisters of Caldwell, New Jersey, who have protected the land through farmland preservation. An adjacent 72 acres was bequeathed in 2008 by Chan Moore, a founding CSG member.  Over 20 acres are in cultivation with vegetables and berries. There are three greenhouses that extend the growing season and provide some fresh salad greens over the winter months. In addition, there is a 256-tree orchard and hardy kiwi vines.

Community Supported Garden Apprenticeships: The Community Supported Garden is seeking apprentices for the 2018 season (April to mid-November). Our 300+ member CSA biodynamically manages more than 125 acres of farmland (under Farmland Preservation) in northwestern New Jersey near the Delaware Water Gap.  We share the land with the Genesis Farm Ecological Learning Center.  There are 20 acres in vegetable production, 3.5 acres of orchards and berries and the remainder in meadows. All produce is distributed through a community supported agriculture program.

Applicants should be seeking a hands-on learning experience on a production-oriented farm. We offer apprentices their own room, board, stipend, shared lunches, educational opportunities and involvement in garden festivals in exchange for up to 50 hours of work per week. Apprenticeship housing is in a farmhouse on the farm. It is recommended that applicants visit the farm to evaluate the suitability of the position.

For more detailed information about the community supported garden apprenticeships, please see our website. Send a resume and a letter outlining goals and interests in agriculture to:

Community Supported Garden at Genesis Farm

41B Silver Lake Road

Blairstown, New Jersey 07825

Telephone:  908-362-7486

Contact:  Judy von Handorf




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