Crowdfunding 101 For Beginning Farmers

Crowdfunding 101 for Beginning Farmers

Crowdfunding 101 for Beginning Farmers – Webinar and Workshop to be held in February and March, 2017. Register Now.

The workshop will be held in Michigan on March 6th, the Webinar is free and available to anyone, and will be held on February 6th.

Farmers interested in using crowdfunding as a farm financing tool will gain information about various crowdfunding options and models, other farm investment options, and legalities of crowdfunding. This full-day session will include interactive presentations and networking opportunities with Michigan Community Resources (MCR) staff, agricultural attorneys, crowdfunding platform representatives and farmers who have used crowdfunding for their farm businesses. $30 registration is required and will close on March 1st. 

If you are attending this workshop, it is highly recommended you participate in the Crowdfunding 101 webinar on February 6th. The webinar will discuss the basics of crowdfunding and the workshop will explore more in-depth concepts through interactive presentations. If you are unable to participate in the February webinar, please contact Shakara Tyler at


Crowdfunding 101 for Beginning Farmers Webinar

February 6, 2017

12pm – 1:30pm EST

Register HERE 

Crowdfunding for Beginning Farmers Workshop

March 6, 2017

9am – 5pm EST

Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center

219 S Harrison Rd,  RM # 104 AB

East Lansing, MI 48824

Register HERE


These events are a presentation of the Center for Regional Food Systems at Michigan State University, and Michigan Community Resources, which works to empower non-profit and community based organizations throughout the state.

The Center for Regional Food Systems

Our vision is a thriving economy, equity, and sustainability for Michigan, the country, and the planet through food systems rooted in local regions and centered on Good Food: food that is healthy, green, fair, and affordable. Our mission is to engage the people of Michigan, the United States and the world in applied research, education and outreach to develop regionally integrated, sustainable food systems.

We join in MSU’s pioneering legacy of applied research, education, and outreach. We do this by catalyzing collaboration and fostering innovation among the diverse range of people, processes, and places involved in regional food systems. Working in local, state, national, and global spheres, our projects span from farm to fork, including production, processing, distribution, policy, access and more.

Michigan Community Resources

Our mission is to support and empower nonprofit community based organizations working in low-income communities, with an emphasis on community and economic development, by providing pro bono legal services and technical assistance.

Originally known as Community Legal Resources, we grew from a legal service provider for nonprofits to a comprehensive support organization for low-income communities in Michigan. We provide the legal, community organizing, and urban planning resources community-based organizations and low-income communities need to revitalize and thrive.

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