Farm Incubator Toolkit Available

 The Farm Incubator Toolkit Now Available

Similar to traditional business incubators, farm incubators attempt to lower the barriers to entry for beginners; in the case of farm incubators, this of course means beginning farmers.

Farm incubators help beginning farmers establish businesses through provision of resources and services that tend to be difficult to otherwise access.incubator toolkit

The National Incubator Farm Training Initiative (NIFTI) just released The Farm Incubator Toolkit. The toolkit includes about a dozen case studies of incubator farms across the United States. The report includes sections on how to design and plan an incubator project, and how to develop and manage the project.

Who is this report for? From the report: The Farm Incubator Toolkit brings together the real world experiences of practitioners in the highly specialized field of land-based training and support programs for small-scale sustainable farmers. We hope this guide offers both a helpful jumping off point, as well as resources that you can come back to again and again as your program develops and matures over time. If you are already running an established incubator project, perhaps this guide will contain new perspectives and creative solutions to common but seemingly intractable problems.

For supplementary materials, such as budgets, full examples of curriculum, etc. that didn’t fit in the toolkit, visit the NIFTI Library.

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