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Farm Intern 2015/Employment 2016 – Serious potential/beginning farmers only! Slice of Heaven Farm in Oregon

Slice of Heaven Farm is looking for an intern for the remainder of the 2015 season (now-November) who is interested in sustainable farming and potentially starting their own farm one day. If the 2015 season goes well, the intern will be offered a full-time position as an employee on the farm next year (March-November 2016). Hopefully, after a season interning and a year working on our farm, the person will be equipped with enough knowledge to start their own farm.

Slice of Heaven Farm is a family vegetable farm run by Brandon and Marieta Easley in Sandy, Oregon. They use sustainable organic farming practices to grow their vegetables and are on a mission to help bring healthy, safe and delicious food to their mountain community. They currently sell their vegetables at farmers markets and to local buying clubs and restaurants. In 2016, they will be running a CSA as well as doing farmers markets and restaurants.


Applicants must be 18 and older. Applicants ideally would live in close proximity to Sandy or only as far away as Portland because early hours are expected. Applicants must have their own form of transportation.

Applicants do not need to have any prior farming experience but must have a passion for working outside and working in the soil. The applicant must be physically able (easily lift at least 75 lbs.) and can work for 8 hours in the elements (with breaks and lunch of course). Interns will learn how to plant, cultivate and harvest on the farm. They will also learn how to run a greenhouse and all greenhouse techniques. They will learn about sustainable farming practices that include preserving and increasing soil health, companion planting, greenhouse growing and harvesting. The intern will also have an opportunity to learn all the business aspects of farming if desired.

During the internship phase (2015), the intern is expected to be at the farm 3 days a week until the internship ends in November. Hours would be approximately from 7 am to 4pm with an hour break for lunch. Meals will be provided while working on the farm. No housing is provided. A small weekly stipend for gas can be provided.

During the employment phase (2016), the employee is expected to work 5 days a week (Tuesdays-Saturdays) from 7a-4pm. The season starts in March and ends in November. The pay is $15/hour.

The 2016 employment position will allow for more independence than the internship including self-directed tasks and projects and manning a booth at a farmers market.

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