Farmer Wanted: Organic Farm and CSA in Michigan

Thornapple CSA, located near Lansing, MI, is looking for a farmer for the 2015 growing season.  We are a 35 member organic CSA embarking upon our 7th season.  Our “Core Group”, a dedicated team of volunteer members, provides the leadership for Thornapple CSA. We have been in partnership with the same landowner from our beginning. We are looking for a farmer to partner with us in growing great vegetables for our members.

Job Description

The farmer will devote full-time working hours to CSA between mid April – mid October 2015 with options for season extension.

The farmer will work diligently on behalf of the CSA to provide the best variety and quantity of produce shares that nature will allow.

The farmer will co-labor with CSA members to provide on-farm education for members on organic agricultural methods as appropriate.

The farmer will maintain regular communication regarding the status of the farm with Jane Bush (landowner) and the CSA Core Group.

The farmer will be engaged as an independent contractor and be responsible for his or her own federal and state tax, and insurance.

Previous experience with organic vegetable production with demonstrated skill and proficiency is preferred.


The CSA will be responsible for farm expenses including the seed order and inputs consistent with organic production systems. CSA members will contribute regular work hours on the farm (sweat equity). The CSA Core Group will maintain regular communication with the farmer and as much as possible provide support in the form of equipment, scheduling changes, ideas and any other matters requested by the farmer.


Expanded farming operations are very possible which could include value-added products, raising animals, and beekeeping would be negotiated with the landowner. The use of additional acreage and other on-farm facilities such as the walk-in cooler, licensed kitchen, and barns may also be arranged with the landowner.

Contact: Diane Thompson 517-230-5821   Email:

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