Fruit and Vegetable Horticulturist Position at Chicago Horticultural Society

Horticulturist Position- Fruit and Vegetable Garden job, Chicago Horticultural Society PURPOSE: To display the best varieties of edible plants for the Chicago area in beautiful, elegant and novel ways that encourage the public to grow these plants in their home landscapes. Ensure that labels and interpretive signs allow visitors to learn the most from the plantings. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBLITIES: 1.  Maintain garden using organic gardening methods through weeding, watering, dead-heading, fertilizing, planting, harvesting, rotating crops, cover cropping, removing debris, pruning, edging, mowing, mulching, winterizing, removing snow, maintaining and inventorying tools. 2.   Safely operate small equipment such as mowers, rototillers, sod cutters, leaf blowers, snow blowers and weed whips.

3.   Collaborate with Interpretive Programs to develop designs, select and order plants for seasonal and permanent displays within the Garden with the approval of the Executive Vice President and Director of the Garden, the Director of Horticulture and the Curator of Herbaceous Plants.
4.    Work closely with Interpretive Programs:
·       Update Interpretive Programs staff on maintenance activities
·       Provide horticulture expertise to enhance programs
·       Assist with training of interpretive volunteers
·       Work key weekend events such as Heirloom Tomato Weekend
·       Collaborate on signage needs in Garden
5.     Support Windy City Harvest and Green Youth Farm programs
·       Provide work experience for and mentor two Windy City Harvest interns during growing season
·       Work with program staff and interns to harvest produce on a weekly basis in the Fruit and Vegetable Garden
6.   Provide current information to the Supervisor, Plant Records regarding plant accessions, removals, transfers and label requirements. Label plants in a timely manner and assist with installation of accession tags.
7.   Serve as a horticultural resource for the Garden by teaching for the School of the Botanic Garden, leading tours, answering visitor and staff questions, writing articles, serving on planning teams, doing demonstrations and giving media interviews.
8.    Inform the Supervisor, Plant Health Care of disease, insect, animal and weed problems. Collaborate on the organic insect and disease control program.
9.     Notify the Maintenance Department of necessary repairs to garden features and equipment.
10.   Provide cost projections for budget needs and submit to the Senior Horticulturist. Work with an assigned budget for plants,tools and operating expenses.
11.    Maintain a good level of computer literacy for purposes of interdepartmental documentation and communication.
12.     Assist with other projects such as special events as requested.

DEPARTMENT:Display Gardens

REPORTS TO:Senior Horticulturist

SUPERVISES:Seasonals, Interns, Volunteers

COOPERATIVE RELATIONSHIPS:Interpretive Programs, Volunteer Services, Education, Horticulture Services, Collections, Maintenance, Development, Public Relations, Visitor Services and Security.

POSITION REQUIREMENTS:  Bachelor’s Degree in Horticulture or commensurate experience with two years supervisory experience; three years experience with landscape maintenance and installation. Knowledge of and experience with fruits and vegetables and organic gardening preferred. Good communication skills – written and verbal. Licensed driver insurable by the Society. Work occasional weekends and evenings. Must be able to lift and carry 25 pounds.

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