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Greenhouse Manager Job: Greenhouse/Wash and Pack Out Assistant Manager, Wandering Roots Farm – Gold Hill, Oregon – 2016

Job Description: Wandering Roots Farm is hiring someone to manage both our greenhouse operations and the washing/packing of produce. Structure: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are the harvest, wash and pack out days. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be focused on greenhouse work. Greenhouse: Concentration of greenhouse work will be in the spring and early summer. This person will work closely with the farm manager, learning the seeding schedule, managing the seeding and watering of the greenhouse, and leading plant outs when necessary. Wash/Pack Out: This person will again work closely with the farm manager to learn the washing and sorting of produce. This will include packing boxes for the farmers markets and organizing orders for restaurant and grocery store deliveries. Other tasks may include working a farmer’s market and delivering produce.

Qualifications: Ideally, we are looking for someone with two or three years of experience working on vegetable farms with an in-depth experience in greenhouse and wash/pack out production.  Some management experience is desired.  The applicant must be organized, pay attention to detail, be able to work hard and efficiently, and be a positive person.  This position is 40-50 hours per week with possibly more hours in late summer and fall.  Speaking Spanish is a plus.  Cell phone communication is also desired.  There is a possibility for a longer-term commitment.  The position starts the beginning of March.

About us: Wandering Roots Farm is a mixed fruit and vegetable farm nestled in the Rogue River Valley between Medford and Grants Pass.  We are in our fourth year of production.  We sell at three farmers markets per week and distribute to a variety of local restaurants and grocery stores.  We have about 8 acres of mixed fruit and vegetables in production, 20 acres of pastureland and a 2.5 acre mixed fruit and nut orchard going into its third year.  We also have 100 laying hens for eggs.  We are in the process of making our production systems as efficient as possible and looking for someone to help make that happen with us.

Compensation: Optional on-farm housing for rent is available in either a trailer or a small cabin.  Utilities and Internet are included as well as access to all the produce grown on the farm and pastured eggs. Pay for this position will start at $11/hour with the possibility of a pay increase after 3 months.

If interested please send a cover letter explaining why you would be a good fit for this position and a resume with all of your qualifications and experience. You can send it to:

If you have any questions please email or call us at (541) 855-5346

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