Internship on Small Farm in Georgia

garden on the farmLadyBug Farm CSA located in Waycross, Georgia is looking for a person who wants to learn about creating a small CSA and is interested in trading help on the farm for this information and the opportunity to earn money running a small CSA.  this is a long term position that will start as an internship and if successful move into the person running their own CSA on LadyBug Farm land. Information on LadyBug Farm CSA can be found at
The type of help needed on LadyBug Farm is feeding of goats, chickens and rabbits.  Weeding and mulching of garden, orchard and herb garden.  The intentions of this position is to teach an individual how to start and run a small CSA and give them the opportunity to run a CSA with our mentoring and guidance onsite at LadyBug Farm.  Because of the rural location, transportation is pretty much required.  They are only 8 minutes from town, but walking would be a real pain.

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In return for work and responsibilities the intern will receive housing in the form of an Airstream travel trailer, food and once the CSA is operational, an income from the CSA based on their level of input.  They will teach the intern all areas of small permaculture farm practices, to the extent that they practice them.  The intern will also have the opportunity to learn about herbs and creating herb based products.

To apply send an email to  Please include a resume, cover letter including a personal statement of why you are interested in this positions, any references you have.  There is no deadline on this request, they are looking for a very particular person, someone who wants to learn to run a small farm and run a small CSA, who can be flexible and become part of the LadyBug Farm family.

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  1. Hi. My husband and I are very much interested in this opportunity and have a few questions. First, can the intern bring their family with them? Are dogs allowed? To clarify, food and shelter are provided during the internship, and afterwards the intern will earn money through their own CSA, is this correct? How long is the internship expected to last before the intern can start their CSA?We keep the Sabbath from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday, but are willing to work, every other day, will that be a problem? Thank you for answering my questions! I look forward to a reply.

    • Patrice,

      Please use the contact info provided in the post to contact the people who are actually offering this job. We just post ’em.

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