Internship position in Vermont at Crystal Springs Farm

Internship position in Vermont at Crystal Springs Farm Pigs on Farm Type: Internship How to Apply: Please send a resume and cover letter to for our review. We are offering an internship for a small operation that currently raises pigs but will be expanding into chickens and laying hens. We are converting a defunct dairy farm into a meat and egg production with a focus on local and sustainable food. Our farm is located in a vibrant community which is made up of several small scale milk, cheese, and vegetable producers. We sit atop a beautiful stretch of Vermont that is situated near several lakes, ponds, swimming holes, and hikes.

Work Description:
Daily activities will include feeding and watering animals, and moving fences. Other tasks will include gardening, construction/maintenance of animal facilities, errands, deliveries, and harvesting crops with a partner farm. There are many small, up and coming farms and, as it is a tight knit area, you may be encouraged to participate in some community projects.

Also we are willing to explore the possibility of any side project you may be interested pursuing.

The general expectation is that you will be available for up to 6 days per week. However this will be flexible depending on what activities are happening day to day bases. Some days will be long hours, others may just entail morning and evening feedings with the middle of the day to yourself. In other words you may be over worked one week but will be compensated with a couple of days to play the next.

Experience is not a prerequisite, but you must be willing to learn, work independently, be able to perform physical labor, and be open to the possibility of operating tractors or other equipment.

A valid drivers license is preferred.

The most important quality for this position is punctuality. Anyone who cannot turn up as agreed upon on any given day is likely to encounter severe friction with the management.

As an intern you will be provided with a room and board. You will have access to our garden, freezer and pantry. You are welcome to share meals with us or make meals for yourself.

Based on work performance a stipend might be offered at the end of the internship, but should not be counted on.

Time Frame:
The internship can begin as early as April and we ask for a minimum of 3 months commitment, but if it works out well we would prefer the position to last through the fall.

How to Apply:
Please send a resume and cover letter to for our review. After reviewing your information we will conduct a phone interview and may arrange to meet in person if feasible.

Crystal Springs Farm
PO Box 84
Craftsbury, VT 05826

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