Investing in Small, Urban, and Sustainable Farms and Local Food Systems; Nurturing and Investing in Sustainable Ag. Companies

1. Putting your investments where your dinner is… Investing in Small Scale farms, Urban Farms, Sustainable farms, Local Food Systems

Slow Money takes its name from a culinary movement called Slow Food.

There is an exploding demand for what small farms and food producers have to offer. Yet, banks see agriculture as a risky business, and brokers trade stock in agribusiness giants, not small, local operations.

Farmers need cash and a system to get it to them.

That’s what Slow Money activists want to create: an investment system in which profit expectations are redefined so that big money can help small agricultural producers provide people with local, wholesome food.


2. Ag 2.0 & NewSeed Advisors identifies, nurtures and invests in companies that make agriculture more sustainable.
Janine Yorio is the principal and is pioneering the connection of producers to investors. Financing is the most underserved area of local food systems.

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