Edible Landscapes Fundraiser: Heirloom Seed Packs, 100 for $100

Edible Landscapes (NY/NJ) is looking to raise funds to start a new farm-based business in upstate NY (close to Albany). They are selling quality open-pollinated heirloom seed and eventually and will eventually have a farm stand at a market selling locally grown food items such as jams, ferments, honey as well as fresh produce. To purchase their first bulk order of seeds, order to buy my first bulk order of seeds, they need your help. They were able negotiate a deal with their wholesale supplier that allowed them to sell 100 seed packs for just $100.

Seeds are:

  • Open-pollinated
  • Organic, non-GMO
  • Sources include Amish communities and local ORGANIC growers in my area
  • Heirloom (you can regrow them year after year!)

For more information go to: http://homeharvest.wordpress.com/

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