Jobs in Michigan: Garden of Eden Mentors; Manager, Door to Door Organics

Job and Mentor Opportunities Garden of Eden Project Seeks Mentors Mt. Zion All Nation's Bible Church at 10575 S. Creeps Rd. in Dewitt is seeking garden mentor/mentors to assist them in the development of their new Eden Garden that will serve Mt. Zion All Nation's Bible Church and Dewitt food pantries.  25 church members and various youth have already signed on for assisting in the project and over 500 community residents will be affected by this garden.  They plan to extend this garden space in the next few years to include a pavilion and a children's play area. The Eden program is looking for someone to lead programming, such as teaching a Gardening 101 class to church members.  They are also looking for someone who can provide hands-on help in the garden and be available for horticultural and garden design and planting advice.  They are also seeking material and/or resources showing basic gardening step by step instructions, explaining the abc's. If you are able to dedicate your time to this important project, please contact Sarina White at (517) 327-6273; Location Manager for Door to Door Organics The Michigan Location Manager is the critical link in the success of Door To Door Organics (DtDO). Location Managers are responsible for all local operations, which include the oversight of all door to door employees, inventory, finances, products, sales, storing, packing and delivery.  The Location Manager must be a do it all personality, equally comfortable behind a desk, managing people, selling products and working in a warehouse.  The Location Manager must be successful at building and managing the local team to execute the overall goals of the Company; while remaining flexible enough to step into every person’s job that they manage at any given time.  The individual will work closely with and communicate constantly with the DtDO Central team, including daily operational calls and weekly management team phone calls.  Employee oversight will include a team of packers, warehouse employees and delivery drivers, along with all operational equipment.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Foster a team environment built around product quality, efficient operations and a strong work ethic
  • Work to achieve a perfectly packed and delivered box every time, with the end customer experience in mind
  • Expand sales in the local market
  • Ensure that DtDO Central has adequate information on the local market to better meet their needs
  • Work with the DtDO Central team to create and foster the DtDO culture
  • Develop and document best practices both verbally and through the DtDO website
  • Foster a team culture, where everyone is focused on our customer’s experience and is  willing to step up and support other members of the  team as needed
  • Create and enforce an injury free workplace; demonstrate good judgment
  • Actively promote the Company and products; lead and participate in sales activities as necessary such as presentations and distributing flyers
  • If you don’t know or understand something, ask

Essential Duties

  • Hire, train, develop, encourage, review and fire employees as necessary
  • Enforce and maintain a safe and efficient warehouse and delivery operation
  • Oversee the delivery vehicle fleet as necessary, keeping accurate maintenance schedule and safe operating vehicles
  • Understand and enforce work place safety requirements·
  • Fill in for any missing employee at any time
  • Maintain disciplined communications practices with DtDO Central
  • Act as the local lead for sales presentations
  • Reinforce DtD policies and practices
  • Develop and manage to budget expectations
  • Perform other duties as needed


  • Must be able to work flexible hours depending on the work load, including overtime without notice (typical start time is 5am)
  • Must have familiarity with Microsoft Office Word and Excel; the more computer literate the better
  • Must have a clean driving record, current drivers license and be comfortable driving in all weather conditions
  • Must be able to lift 50 lbs and function at repetitive work tasks
  • Must be able to work in a refrigerated facility for an extended time at 35 degrees

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