Nominate Farmers, Business Leaders and Promoters of Sustainable Food for NRDC’s Growing Green Awards

The Natural Resources Defense Council announced its second annual Growing Green Awards to honor farmers, business leaders and promoters of sustainable food. Nominations are due by December 4, 2009, and a $10,000 cash prize will be awarded in the Food Producer category.

Through this national award, NRDC will recognize extraordinary contributions that advance ecologically integrated farming practices, climate stewardship, water stewardship, farmland preservation, and social responsibility from farm to fork.

A Growing Green Award will be given to an outstanding individual in each of four categories, including Food Producer, Business Leader, Thought Leader, and Water Steward. A $10,000 cash prize will be awarded in the Food Producer category and all winners will be widely celebrated through outreach to media and NRDC’s networks.

For more information on how to apply or nominate someone for the award, please go to:

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