On-Farm Vegetable Crop Storage Webinar (Free)

Free Webinar: On-Farm Vegetable Crop Storage

The Missouri Beginning Farmers Program’s monthly webinars are suitable for beginning and experienced farmers alike. On-Farm Crop Storage: Planning, Design and Management with Scott Sanford from the University of Wisconsin was presented on December 2, 2013. Though the live event has obviously now past, the webinar was recorded and added to the Online Learning Community (OLC). Each Missouri Beginning Farmers Program webinar is added to the OLC, so click the link above to access many archived presentations.

Scott Sanford has been working with farmers on on-farm storage for years. He just recently completed a grant about on-farm cold storage; he shares his findings in the December webinar.

The next webinar will be February 3, 2014:Farm Equipment – Tractor and Implement Sizing, with Charles Ellis, University of Missouri Extension Regional Ag and Natural Resources Engineer Specialist.

To join the February 2 webinar live, click here and sign in under “guest” with your name. All webinars begin at 7 pm and end by 8:30 pm. As noted above, each webinar will be recorded and added to the Online Learning Community.

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