Organic Farmland Available for Lease in North Carolina

Ayrshire Farm, NC

AYRSHIRE FARM is a 22-acre, organic farm located six miles west of Pittsboro, NC, 20 miles south of Chapel HIll and 40 miles west of Raleigh. The farm has provided for local consumption a diverse selection of delicious, high quality fruits, vegetables and herbs for many years. Click HERE to see a video of the farm. Five acres of the farm are cultivated, of which two are blueberries, and apple and pear orchards. The remainder of the land is hardwood forest with a stream on the SW boundary. Positioned on a hill facing southward, the three acres of cultivated rows are grouped in eight terraces, 4-6 rows in each, 250-300 feet long. The farm currently has three growing seasons, excluding winter crops which could be included. If you think you might be interested in leasing 1-5 acres at Ayrshire, click 'Read More'

Bill Dow started growing crops organically in 1982, making Ayrshire the first certified organic farm in North Carolina. He recently obtained a conservation easement through Triangle Land Conservancy, barring subdivision and thus assuring a secure future for his farm land. For many years, Dow has sold his produce to restaurants in the Triangle area as well as weekly at the Carrboro
Farmers Market, one of the largest in the Southeast and one he helped start around 1985.

The farm has traditionally been open to tours and special events. It has served as a lab for many individuals interested in learning about agriculture, some of whom have been students in the outstanding Sustainable Agriculture program at the nearby community college in Pittsboro.

If you might be interested in leasing one to five acres for farming for three growing seasons or more, it is recommended that you visit the farm if possible. Perspective farmers will need to begin no later than March 1, 2011 for spring crops. For questions, please contact Bill Dow at or phonel him at 919-548-4196.


Spring and Fall Harvest: Wide variety of green and red lettuces and romaine, radicchio, arugula, tatsoi, mizuna, leeks, fennel, radishes (red, Daikon), broccoli rabe, herbs, rapini (rape), beets (regular, Chiogga), asparagus (spring), herb variety, parsley, cilantro, garlic, garlic scapes, Nasturtiums, Dutch blue Iris

Summer Harvest: Blueberries*, wine berries, apples, pears, red and yellow sweet bell peppers, cucumbers, leeks, variety of tomatoes, garlic, herbs, parsley, basil, Gladiolas, sunflowers, Oriental lilies. (*also U-pick blueberries)

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  1. I am interested in a lease. I would like to discuss possibilities in person.
    my office is 2684848900 x1580
    very best

  2. Displeased visitor // March 2, 2013 at 11:39 am // Reply

    They have a beautiful farm but the rates
    Are too high if you plan on making money at it.
    For a hobbie farmer they are in a great location

    Many hidden charges

    But a very nice location.

    • Thank you for the feedback displeased visitor. I just post these things when people send them to me. I have no capacity to check whether they are a good deal or not since I’m in Michigan and they come from all across the country.

  3. Displeased visitor // March 12, 2013 at 9:58 am // Reply

    It’s ok Taylor for the feed back.
    They are really nice people.
    I just did no see how i was going to make money between the travel expense and monthly rental rate they charge $55-$65 a month plus a shared electric bill for water pump.

    I do with to thank you for the valuable information found on this site.

    • Thanks DV,
      I put a lot of work into this site (I certainly don’t do it for the money), and I would hate to think I was regularly leading folks astray. Glad you took the time to comment on this particular post so that other people know what’s up with it.

  4. I’m a small farmer in eastern north Carolina I tend 3500 hundred acres and am very interested in about 3000 more. if anyone can send me on the right track to lease more farm land it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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