Sales Contracts and Employment Law Webinars for Farmers

Sales Contracts for Farm Produce & Making Employment Law Work For Your Farm – Farm Commons

Sales Contracts for Farm Produce: Why and How
Date: Monday, February 2nd; Time: Noon, Central. (10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern)

Everyone loves local food! Consumers, restaurants, grocery stores, schools, and child care facilities are buying more and more product. No matter the size of the buyer, a good relationship between buyer and farmer is key to making these sales profitable over the long-term. The right sales agreement- a written one that addresses ordering, cancellation, and payment terms- can help keep everyone happy. Learn how and why farmers should pay attention to the “terms” of their sales and strongly consider writing down sales agreements. Register now at our website!

Making Employment Law Work For Your Farm
Date: Tuesday, February 3rd; Time: Noon, Central. (10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern)

Employment law is probably the single most complex legal concern for farmers. Especially for the diversified farm, navigating farm and non-farm employment law is no walk in the park. This webinar will break down federal minimum wage, workers’ compensation and overtime, plus migrant worker laws. (They apply to more than just migrant workers!) Worker-exchange programs, independent contractors, employment manuals, injury liability, discrimination and a host of other concerns round out the discussion. Checklists and flowcharts will help make the process easy.
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