SPIN Farming Workshops: How Sub Acre Production Works

SPIN-Farming Workshops Farmers Show How Sub-acre Production Works in Practice Media Contact: Roxanne Christensen; rchristensen@infocommercegroup.com, phone: 610-505-9189 March 24, 2011 -- Audiences hungry for sub-acre farming how-to are now being served SPIN-Farming's new workshop series. SPIN stands for small plot intensive. The three workshop leaders illustrate SPIN's broad applicability. and background on them is available at http://www.spinfarming.com/workshops/.

Linda Borghi is a biodynamic farmer in her mid-50’s who began her professional career managing 4 star restaurants on the upper east side of New York. She turned to farming in 1988 when she established the only farm in the country with a herd of one cow to be licensed to sell cheese to the public. She has moved her farm several times and is now farming a half-acre hillside in Middletown, NY.


Curtis Stone, a former musician in his early 30’s with no prior growing experience, launched a multi-sited backyard farming operation that grossed $20,000 its first year following the SPIN-Farming system.


Jody Veler is a community development specialist and has used SPIN to create agricultural programs in distressed and underserved areas. She has recently formed a nonprofit in Atlantic County, NJ to promote economic development for low-income women.


Our aim is to make the farming profession accessible to many more people who might not otherwise think it was possible for them, says Wally Satzewich, developer of the SPIN-Farming system. SPIN is a production system that can be applied anywhere there are markets to support it. Each farmer implements the system according to their own preferences and goals.


Linda, Curtis and Jody each illustrate very different SPIN applications, says Roxanne Christensen, Co-author of the SPIN-Farming learning series. Their teaching is based on real-world experience.


SPIN-Farming Basics, which contains the step by step learning guides to the sub-acre farming system, that makes it possible to gross $50,000 from a half acre, is used as the textbook for the day long intensive workshops which can be booked at the SPIN-Farming website.


SPIN Farming publishes the SPIN-Farming and SPIN-Gardening online learning series and conducts beginning farming training in partnership with farming, gardening and environmental organizations. The company is dedicated to providing farming and gardening how-to that can be learned and practiced across all demographics and geographical boundaries. For more information visit www.spinfarming.com


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