Starting a Farm: Resource Updated! “Starting a Farm”: Resource Updated for 2014

Are you thinking of starting a farm? Or wondering what it will take to get your farm project off the ground? has updated its free “Starting a Farm” resource to help you either answer important questions about your farm ideas, and/or help you ask the right questions as you get started!

Our “Starting a Farm” guide is available in our “Information Pages” on the left hand side of this screen. You can also access the guide by clicking this Starting a Farm link.

The guide is here to help you take initial steps. We provide an overview of the topic of starting a farm and point you in the direction of free information and resources to help you get started.

The Quiz: Before we begin, are you wondering whether farming is the right career choice for you in the first place? Consider taking this little quiz produced by Taylor Reid, founder of It incorporates his experience of what it takes to be a successful farmer into a fun tool that gives you a score. The quiz has received a lot of positive feedback. And even if you ignore the score, the tool makes it fun to think through the question: “Do I want to be a farmer?”

The Question: Lots of people write us at excited to start a farm, asking for advice. We wish we could reply and say: “no problem, just do these things and you should be on your way.” Unfortunately, it’s not that simple! So, we’ve compiled this resource to help you make your own informed decisions.

It’s Complicated!: Starting a farm is complicated because it encompasses so much. In no particular order, farmers must consider business planning, finding land, securing financing, marketing, production knowledge, securing equipment, developing or securing infrastructure, and their vision for their farm, a product of their values, knowledge and experience.

What to Consider?

There’s plenty to consider. And that’s what the remainder of the resource offers; a list of resources that will help you think about what to consider and point you in the direction of constructive ways to plan your farm. Visit our “Starting a Farm” page to learn more.

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