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  • nabeel Says:

    this is very good website .

  • Taylor Says:

    Hi there,

    For links to information on all of these things, please go to our goat farming page: http://beginningfarmers.org/goat-farming/

    There you will find lots of sites which have more information than I could possibly provide you on all of these things.


  • sajid khan Says:

    Dear sir,

    I am interested in starting Goat Farm. would you kindly tell me the details
    - goat farm plan & structure
    -maintenance cost
    -Feed required and it is available, cost etc
    -and any information about goat farm food for goat, disease and vaccination etc.

    I will be grateful if you kindly provide me the above information.

    Kind regards,

    sajid khan

  • mohan Says:

    Sir I got land 20 acers want to go for goat farming pl, let me know about housing litter flooring ,,, fodder; selvage feeding pl.replay soon

  • ashutosh kumar Says:

    Sir, i m planning to stablist goat farming in bihar..So pls give me full detail of project. with goat house map.

  • Taylor Says:

    This is not something I do. You need to look at my Goat Farming Page http://beginningfarmers.org/goat-farming/ for information and resources.

  • Madhu Says:

    Please send the details of Goat farming business plan like

    1) What is the cost of one small Goat?
    2) where we get the child Goat?
    3) How many day to take growth?
    4) What they will eat?
    5) What are the disadvantages?
    6) How mach investment will happen ?


    1) What is the cost of one small Goat?
    2) where we get the child Goat?
    3) How many day to take growth?
    4) What they will eat?
    5) What are the disadvantages?
    6) How mach investment will happen ?

  • sohel shekh Says:

    Dear sir,

    I am interested in starting Goat Farm. would you kindly tell me the details
    - goat farm plan & structure
    -maintenance cost
    -Feed required and it is available, cost etc
    -and any information about goat farm food for goat, disease and vaccination etc.

    I will be grateful if you kindly provide me the above information.

    Kind regards,

    sohil shekh

  • Taylor Says:

    I get so many of these requests. I am not USAID, The UN, or a well funded nonprofit that helps with these things. I wish I was. But I’m actually just a guy who ties to provide information to people who want to start farms. And I don’t even pay myself to do it. Wish I could help, but I can’t. Good luck.

  • Manjula.c.sunagar Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am interested in starting Goat/sheep Farm. would you kindly tell me the details
    - goat farm plan & structure
    -maintenance cost
    -Feed required and it is available, cost etc
    -and any information about goat & sheep farm food for goat/sheep, disease and vaccination etc.

    I will be grateful if you kindly provide me the above information.

    Thanking You,



  • Taylor Says:

    All that information is available through the website.

    Goat farming resources are at http://www.beginningfarmers.org/goat-farming/, and budgeting/cost resources are at http://www.beginningfarmers.org/farm-business-planning/

    You just need to take some to go through the links and find the information you are looking for. I can’t do that for you.

  • umair Says:

    • Dear sir,
    I am interested in starting Goat Farm. would you kindly tell me the details
    which goat is suitable to develop in Hyderabad
    What is the cost of one small Goat?
    where we get the child Goat?
    How many day to take growth?
    What they will eat?
    What are the disadvantages?
    How mach investment will happen ?

  • Taylor Says:

    You need to check out the Goat Farming Page: http://www.beginningfarmers.org/goat-farming/. The links there and those on the Business Planning Page: http://www.beginningfarmers.org/farm-business-planning/ are all I can offer you.

  • sanjay kumar Says:

    Dear sir,

    I am interested in starting Goat Farm. would you kindly tell me the details
    - goat farm plan & structure
    -maintenance cost
    -Feed required and it is available, cost etc
    -and any information about goat farm food for goat, disease and vaccination etc.

    I will be grateful if you kindly provide me the above information.

    Kind regards,

    sanjay kumar

  • Yaseen Says:

    Dear Sir,
    Can you assist me to build goats farm in 10 Acres Land located in Rangareddy Dist AP and i want to buy goats and want to do bussiness in high level.

    Waiting for reply

    T BR
    Mohammed Yaseen

  • mohan Says:

    We are dealing in Big Projects Land i.e. Agriculture Land For Projects, Group Housing Pass Land, 90 “B ” Approved land for plottings and Townships, Farming land i.e. Poultry Farming,Goat Farming, Plantations etc.
    We are dealing in only big lands so please contact if you desired big land.

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  • hussain Says:

    i want open goates farm in bihar i need details

  • shanthigoatfarms Says:

    We are engaged in Goat & Sheep Farm Development in stall feeding system across south india since 2005, We provide A-Z farming technique in a intergrated system, which will ensure good returns from the very first cycle in order to lead the farm sucessfully. We develop & give u full fledged Stall feeding Farm in your area our developments are listed below
    1. We supply Genuine & pure Goat & Sheep breeds only for Breeding purpose which are 100% diseases free , vaccinated , properly dewormed with accurate tracking record
    2. Goat Breeds available ( sirohi,talacherry,osmanabadi,jamunapari,Tothapari,Boer,kodi,sojat,beetal)
    3. Sheep breeds available( Ramboulette,jodipi,semmari,madras red)
    4. We undertake contracts for construction of elevated sheds in an integrated system
    5. We do landscape development for Farming system like fodder cultivation
    6. We supply plants,seeds & grass varieties for fodder devlopment
    7. We supply Feeds
    8. We supply upto date medicines, vaccines & mineral mixtures
    9. We supply Farming equipments ( Grass cutters, choppers, sprayers, feeders & drinkers)
    10. We supply Readymade wodden pallets, concrete pillars for stages
    11. We train up you with upto date techniques to run a livestock farm in Economical & succsessful way to lead a profitable business as there is a greater demand in Meat industry today
    12. Call 081240 55545 , 09884442068 E mail : shanthigoatfarms@hotmail.com
    Shanthi Goat & Sheep Farms

  • Taylor Says:

    Beginningfarmers.org provides information. If you would like to hire me (Taylor, the site administrator) as a consultant go to the “about” page at http://www.beginningfarmers.org/about-contact/. The fee is significant, but I won’t take on any jobs that I’m not capable of doing well.

  • DR.A.K.KAR Says:

    Dear Mr Hussain
    If you are interested to start a goat farm in India, Please visit http://www.odishavet.com. You can find bankable project report & other relevant information on goat farming. This website also contain bankable project reports on dairy farming, Emu farming ,poultry farming & information on government subsidy schemes. If you need more information you can mail me. dr.Kar@odishavet.com

  • Sanjib Says:

    Dear Dr.Kar,
    I want to start a broiler poultry farm of 10000 bird capasity.Can I Get subsidy under PVCF scheme of Government of India

  • DR.A.K.KAR Says:

    Dear Sanjib
    Subsidy under venture capital fund is available for broiler farms up to 5000bird limit. As per NABARD norm bird strength at any point of time should not exceed 5000birds.Therefore you can not avail subsidy under PVCF. You can contact state animal husbandry officials of your state to get subsidy for your farm.(exa. APICOL Subsidy of Orissa).To know more about PVCF scheme you can visit http://www.odishavet.com/pvcf

  • charan Says:

    hi this is charan am ready to put farming in andra pradesh i need some information about these . will u explain my doubts

  • Rahmatullah Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I want to start goat forming.
    Could you please suggest the solution to start the Gaot Form

    1. Structure for Goat.
    2. Feed System.
    3. Vaccination requrement.
    4. Maintainance costs approxmatly.
    5. Minimum cost for starting the form for 50 goats.
    6. Safety Procedure and treatment.
    7. Quality Control sysem.
    My No. Currently +966 536364213 Leave a Miss Call only
    I am coming in India next couple of months
    Please provide me earlier, hence i want to take a advantage of next secrifys Festival , i mean Eid Qurabn.

  • shanthigoatfarms Says:

    welcome Goat & sheep farm beginners , we are providing crystal clear consultancy & training on commercial goat & sheep farm projects & also on contract basis we establish farms based on your budget for details long on to http://www.goatfarmdevelopers.com

    call 09884442068
    chennai , tamilnadu

  • sanjib Says:

    you can ask your question in http://www.compositefarming.com.It is a discussion forum on animal husbandry & agriculture.

  • Syed Saleem Says:

    I want to start goat farm in north gujarat.Now I am working in saudi arebia.please give me ABC of goat farming in my mail.

  • Taylor Says:

    I can’t possibly work everyone through the details of their operational setup personally. Please refer to the references available on the goat farming page at http://www.beginningfarmers.org/goat-farming/

  • Tusli Says:

    I want to start a goat farming and breeding center and i want to borrow loan from bank. Can u please help me by providing a sample of loan proposal for goat farming .?

  • sitaram jadhav Says:

    i want to start goat form in Maharashtra district latur please give me all details me
    or i am having my own 6 acres (240000 Sqft) land with facility of water electricity and road transport i want investor for big project any one want to start plse contact 09665466165 or sitaramjadhav77@gmail.com

  • UBEAD Says:



  • syed aslam ali Says:

    my goat farm live in rajasthan eid male goat avlaible pure breeds avlaible femel goat avlaible all goats healty all goats sojat sirohi and desi marvari my contrac no.09001952314 myaddress new market kapasan distic chittorgarh rajasthan

  • Ajay Says:

    Kindly provide me the guidance to start my own goat farming.
    I reside in Hubli,Karnataka India

  • Taylor Says:

    Ajay, You need to check out the resources on our goat farming page: http://www.beginningfarmers.org/goat-farming/

  • sreenivas Says:

    We are into the Sheep Farming business since the years and looking into the practical market status we have entered into the commercial sales of the sheep/goat from our farm for the Breeding(Farming) purpose or Meat purpose

    So any partners who are interested to enter into the sheep/goat farrming or interest to purchase the sheeps/goats are welcome you may reach me at sreenivas,email : sreeyadav75@gmail.com you may reach us at9059977636 we are from Hyderabad having practical contacts from all over india ready to assist you.

  • K.SRIRAM Says:

    dear sir,

    can u give me any goat form schemes, i will starts the goat forms pls give me information,i am in khammam (dist)andhra pradesh,&where i will get barbary goats breed in andhra pradesh…

  • Taylor Says:

    Use the links on the goat farming page (you will find lots of links to places that might be able to help there) : http://www.beginningfarmers.org/goat-farming/

  • ataur rahman Says:

    I want to start a goat farming and breeding center and i want to borrow loan from bank. Can u please help me by providing a sample of loan proposal for goat farming .?and full detail about goat formimg

  • Tanmay Roy Says:

    Farming all Indian goats like Jamunapari, Saanen, Beetal etc. are very profitable. The local Governments should create more facilities for raising goats.

  • Taylor Says:

    I totally agree Tanmay.

  • sk Maqsood Says:

    Dear sir

    I want to start a goats farming business will u please help me & send me the deatails

  • Taylor Says:

    sk Maqsood, My consulting fee is $50/hour US. I suggest you explore the resources on the goat farming page: http://www.beginningfarmers.org/goat-farming/ instead. There is much information there.



  • Taylor Says:

    This is not something we do for free. Good Luck…

  • Pravat Samal Says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    As i am not always available on mail please contact me on 9124527219.

    I have decided to go for goat firming.

  • tarmuhammad Says:

    i want to goat foam please help me

    Plese near tarening senter in up goat foarming

  • Torri Says:

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  • haji abid khan Says:

    pls give instruction about shed direction..

  • haji abid khan Says:

    i m from dewas near indore m.p and start goat farmong pls give me guied.


    my name tanveer i m stay in nasik i can start the new business, i can start a goat farms so pls told me and guide line me how to start the business help ful

  • paritosh dwivedy Says:

    hello sir good evening,
    i m from nepal and we want to know about goat farming and how can u help me.

  • mavereet Says:

    project on goat farming (meat)

  • giri Says:

    Goat Farming is a loss making business in india. Pls think twice before venturing into it. I have lost 15 Lacs in this business. If you have surplus land and you dont have labour issue then you can try otherwise its huge loss making business.

  • raj Says:

    I agree wiith Mr Giri, but if you have proper planning and land for fodder cultivation then you can make huge profits. Dont go to any middle man to sell your products. Minimise your fodder cost and your returns will be double.

  • NEEL Says:

    Dear Madam/Sir,
    I worked with NDDB for 10 years in “Operation Flood” Project before that I was Assistant Professor of AH & Dairying at KKV- DAPOLI (MS) & now I am a retired DGM from Central Govt. bank & doing consultancy in various field of Animal Husbandry, Poultry & Dairying i.e. Preparation of Feasibility Report, Formulation of DPR- Detail Bankable Project Report for availing bank loan & Govt. subsidy, if any etc.
    For DPR pl. contact (M) 09422355411 or mail me .
    M.Sc.AH & DAIRY (First class with Distinction)

    Detailed Project Report – A Reference Guide

  • Srinivasa RAo Says:

    I have 4 acres land near Palasa ,Srikakulan Dt , Andhrapradesh, in that we have borewall and power also

    I am very intersting to start goat farming

    kindly give me all kinds of details of where i can purchase this kind of goat for my farming.
    please also give me more details which kind of goat is more suitable for meat.

    We have the following doubts; could you please answer them and send us back:

    We are planning to start GOAT farm in Andhra Pradesh; starting with goat kids.

    where we found through selling goat kids on per KG basis.

    1. On an average how many kgs does a goat kid weighs?

    2. How much does 1kg cost?

    3. Within how many days, do these goat kids become eligible for resale (for meat)?

    5. Do the goat kids, which you are selling, need any specific artificial climatic conditions?

    6. Are there any other points taht you want to tell us regarding the goat kids?

    Please mail me pyla_mca@yahoo.com,Other wise send me your contact number

  • satya narayan chakraborty Says:

    i have 2 acre land,i want to start a egg production project,i have $4000 cash,i am indian,vill + post- malihati,police station- salar,dist-murshidabad,pin- 742401,westbengal.

  • rajendra patil Says:

    dear sir, i want to start goat/pig farming. i have 20 acres land in amalnar dist jalgon please send me a deatils joint venture is also apsect with teram and condision thanks .

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