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    Job Title: Grass-fed Cattle Manager

    Location: Crestwood, Kentucky

    Compensation: Benefits include housing on the farm.  There is also the possibility of working towards a profit sharing agreement for this position.

    General Description: Foxhollow Farm is seeking a lead cattle farmer for our Grass-fed Beef operation. Foxhollow uses organic and bio-dynamic farming methods and is dedicated to sustainable and earth friendly practices. The mission of Foxhollow
    is to create a thriving bio-dynamic farm community. This position includes the management of the cow/calf operation (currently 220 total cattle) and the management of the pastures and hay production. Benefits include housing on the farm.  There is also the possibility of working towards a profit sharing agreement for this position.

    For more information about Foxhollow Farm please visit our website at www.foxhollow.com

    For inquiries please contact the landowners of  the farm; Janey Newton at Janey@foxhollow.com or Maggie Keith at

    Responsibilities include:

    1.  Managing the care of the cattle (rotational grazing, winter feeding, health care, genetics)
    2.  Pasture and forage management (hay production, building the fertility of the soil, moving towards a less haying approach)
    3.  Work with Bio-dynamic coordinator to incorporate the principles and methods into all aspects of the Grass-fed Beef operation.
    4.  Management of extra labor staff whose purpose is to support the operation.
    5.  Work in cooperation with the landowners re: annual budgets, updating
    business plan, and evaluation of our progress.
    6.  Work in cooperation with Marketing and Sales team.


    1.  Experience with grass-fed beef and rotational grazing methods
    2.  Experience with pasture management
    3.  Capacity to be a team player as well as the ability to manage a team of co-workers.
    4.  Experience or  interest in working with Bio-dynamic agricultural methods

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  • Steven Tucker Says:

    To whom this may concern:

    My name is Steven Tucker, and I have a Masters of Science in Animal Science. I have had some education in Grass-fed beef, and I have been reading about Salad Bar Beef by Joel Salatin. I have a great interest in raising Grass-fed beef, and I to have been interested in year-round grazing that would allow less consumption of hay. I also believe that diversifaction in various livestock can help promote healthy soils, forages, and animals without a lot of stress, and commercial medications. I think that the overall function of the livestock industry depends on raising animals that are consumer and environmental friendly. I have been involved with farming my whole life, and have spend much of my years focused on the livestock industry. My biggest focus has been on beef cattle, and my dream has always been to manager or own a livestock producing business. My goal in life is to product superior produces that consumers are willing to pay a premium prices because it is produced with them in mind. I have had experience in hay production, and in rotational grazing though I could improve upon it. I have had experience in beef cattle production, however, I don’t have managerial skills, except on the rare occasion of giving instruction to migrate workers. I have just heard of bio-dynamics which Joel mentioned a little bit about. Business planning is something I could use some more education on, and budgeting. I will send a resume if you are interested, and if not for the manager’s job I hope that you could use someone like me on your operation. Thank you very much for the opportunity to tell you about myself, my dreams, and my goals.

  • Taylor Says:

    Steven, not sure how you found this, it’s an older post (2010). But why don’t you contact the farm and see what they have available for 2015. Their contact info is on there.

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