Homestead Farm Mentor Positions in Oregon

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Homestead Farm Mentor Wanted in Southern Oregon for the 2017 Season.

Located in Klamath Falls in Southern Oregon within the shadow of Mt. Shasta, Dragonfly Transitions is a home away from home for young adults who are struggling with the transition to healthy, productive independence. The Homestead at Transitions is a 30-acre farm where students work on therapeutic issues in a quiet, rural setting. Farm products are used by students on the farm sold at the local farmer’s market. Homestead Farm Mentors provide a safe and supportive environment for students by holding boundaries and working with students on their treatment goals. Mentors teach life skills, self-awareness and communication; plan, lead and facilitate daily activities including farm chores, cooking as a group, and group meetings. Homestead Farm Mentors are encouraged to use the experience of growing food and raising animals along with the setting to help connect students with their food systems and find space for personal growth. Compensation is based on experience, plus benefits that include 3 weeks paid vacation, health insurance, and 401k plan. The position does not include housing but does include some meals. A minimum one-year commitment is required.

Homestead Farm Mentor Requirements:

Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree; a background working professionally with young adults struggling with diverse issues; a passion for local food, organic gardening practices, and sustainable living.

Experience with farming skills such as animal husbandry, equipment/property maintenance, weeding, and growing food is preferred.

If you enjoy farm life, working in a professional and fun atmosphere, and being a positive influence in the lives of young adults, we would love to hear from you. Apply for a Homestead Farm Mentor Position today.

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