Permaculture Internship Opportunities in PA

Permaculture Internship

Permaculture Internship Opportunities in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania – 2017-18

We are looking for enthusiastic, hardworking individuals to both learn and apply permaculture principles in the further development of a community farm education project in beautiful central Pennsylvania.

Our project, Wild Goose Farm, ( is a member-based organization that provides hands-on opportunities to experiment with sustainable and regenerative ideas for green living. We provide workshops, classes, events and projects related to growing and preserving healthy food, green DIY building, creative arts and outdoor experience. We also provide community space for local groups.  All are welcome.

Here are some specific growing, building and art/community projects we are currently undertaking or have the capacity to support:

  1. Building soil health through composting, vermicomposting, mulching, cover crops, organic soil amendments, pastured chickens, perennial vegetables, no till, plant guilds and hugelkultur.
  2. Water conservation using swales, vernal ponds, drip irrigation, deep mulching and catchment systems.
  3. Elimination of chemical pesticides and herbicides and promotion of beneficial insects through pollinator plants, plant guilds and soil health.
  4. Production of herbs, vegetables, fruit, berries, mushrooms, wild edibles, and pastured eggs. using permaculture principles.
  5. Forest regeneration including removal of invasive species and introduction of native and non-invasive fruit, nut, herb and berry plants along with the sustainable harvesting of soft and hardwood lumber and the production of mulch and bio char.
  6. Natural methods of food preservation including fermentation, solar dehydration, freezing and canning.
  7. Reduction of carbon fuel including solar photovoltaic, solar hot water, heat sinks, natural insulation and passive solar design.
  8. Green building experiments including a passive solar micro shelter, solar dehydrator, and composting toilet.
  9. Community art and music programming including campfire sing-alongs, outdoor games, a week-long youth theater/art/food week for teens, healing and environmental activism workshops, forest education programs, student service and volunteer projects.

Permaculture Internship:  Interns will work with experienced practitioners to expand their skills and knowledge of permaculture. Permaculture internship responsibilities will include 4 hours/week or about .5 hours per day of chicken care, garden and yard upkeep, and yard/trail maintenance in exchange for mentoring in permaculture practices and social enterprise management with experienced practitioners.  Interns may also propose to undertake projects to generate income including market gardening, forest farming, cottage industry, green building and/or organizing workshops and gatherings to support the Farm’s mission.  Additional local employment opportunities are available in nearby Lewisburg including a current opening at the Lewisburg community garden.

Each intern will rent private quarters in a partially furnished and comfortable 1865 farmhouse and enjoy the use of the shared indoor and extensive outdoor community spaces and kitchen.  Rent is $400 to $500/month plus shared utilities (heat, electricity, phone/internet) of approx. $50 – $75/month and vary in length from one to six months.  Interns will require their own means of transportation.  Some growing, building, grant writing, arts or outdoor education and/or community building/social enterprise management experience is preferred.

Who we are:  Kathy Kristjanson-Gural has an MA in education, is an experienced gardener and certified permaculture practitioner.  Kathy has over 30 years experience in community organizing, alternative education, including home-schooling, as well as non-profit management.  Her husband, Dave, is a Professor of Economics and is an experienced researcher, social justice teacher, community organizer, landscaper and green builder.  Both Kathy and Dave also have extensive experience in multiple areas of health and healing including peer counseling, natural childbirth, meditation, qigong, yoga, herbal remedies and cooking and preserving natural foods.

Our mission is to help our community transition to a regenerative approach to living by introducing and demonstrating easy, affordable solutions to reduce reliance on carbon-based fuel and its toxic by-products.  We welcome all applications, particularly from individuals from traditionally marginalized communities.  

If you are interested in the permaculture internship please send a CV along with a letter of introduction including your experience and background in growing, building or community building, when and how long you are available to intern, experiences you have had living in community with others, at least two references and any questions for us to Kathy and Dave at We will start reviewing letters on August 21st, 2017, and will select interns on an ongoing basis throughout 2017 and 2018.

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