CSA Vegetable Farm Internships in Vermont

CSA Vegetable Farm in Vermont Seeking Two Interns for 2014

Clark Commons Farm (formerly Fable Farm) is opening their doors for two aspiring and committed individuals seeking a life in agriculture, to grow vegetables with them this season from May to November, 2014. Located in Barnard, their farm lies deep in the rolling hills of Central Vermont. Some experience farming/gardening is necessary. They're asking folks to work 40 hours a week in exchange for a $400 monthly stipend, lodging, all the vegetables you can eat, and some amount of additional products such as eggs, cider, and kombucha. They are a CSA Vegetable farm in the foothills of Central VT. They've operated up to a 100 member CSA, sold at farmers markets, and to select restaurants and stores for the last 6 years. Now in their 7th season, they've decided to downsize to service primarily a 50 member CSA and one local restaurant. Although they're not certified organic, they don't use chemicals of any kind, integrating a fertility program of  cover cropping, mulching, manure application, and foliar sprays. They're part of a collective of farmers working with the Vermont Land Trust to secure access to a 400 plus acre farm. It is here, at this historic and stunningly beautiful Clark Farm, where the majority of their vegetable gardens are located, and where festive CSA pick-up gatherings are held every Thursday. During CSA gatherings they offer prepared foods and host pot-lucks, and strive to provide live music. Other members of the cooperative sell their meats,  dairy products and kombucha at this time as well. A couple owners of their vegetable operation also run a small cidery out of the farmhouse on the same land the interns will live.  They're also in the process of creating a sustainable business model for our CSA vegetable farm, that in future years can be passed along to aspiring farmers. For more information and to learn how to apply click "read more".

Description of Living Situation

Interns live behind a farmhouse in the village center of Barnard, VT. The village of Barnard consists of a general store, a fire station, two churches, a post office and beautiful Silver Lake, which is surrounded by forest and hiking trails. At the farmhouse you will sleep in your own wall tent, have access to an outdoor kitchen with refrigeration, an indoor bathroom, an indoor study/lounge with phone and internet access, and use of washing machine.  A farm scale commercial cidery is operated from the garage of the farmhouse. Being a rural town, it would be best if folks had their own form of  transportation.   They’d  prefer no dogs, however some exceptions may apply.

Description of Internship

Internships runs from May to November. Regular workdays are Monday- Friday, with an average of 8 hours a day, and 40 hours a week.  It’s important to understand that this is a structure to strive for, but that flexibility is required when adaptation is necessary, such as fluctuations in the weather. Work above and beyond the required 40 hours a week is welcomed. Interns will get experience with all kinds of farm work from seeding, cultivating to marketing. Thursdays are the biggest harvest days and interns would be expected to help facilitate the CSA pick-ups in the afternoon/evening. In addition to being fully integrated within an established commercial vegetable farm, interns may get insight into the process of working with a collective of farmers. Interns also get to interact with dairy and meat farmers, who are part of our cooperative.

Prospective interns can email them at clarkcommonsfarm@gmail.com for more information. FYI: Clark Commons Farm is a new name for them, so folks won’t find anything on the internet under that name. Up until now, they’ve been growing vegetables under the farm name Fable Farm.

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