Farm Internship Program Opportunities in Pennsylvania

Forks Farm Internship Program Opportunities in Pennsylvania for 2012 Forks Farm offers a seasonal farm internship program during the growing season – April 15 through the end of November. This opportunity is structured to help teach aspiring farmers all aspects of raising, processing and marketing grass based, chemical-free meats and eggs.  This is a full time, live-in position.  They provide room and board and a stipend depending on experience.  An end-of-season bonus may be awarded dependent on performance. They raise 100% grass fed beef and lamb, woodlot pork, pastured poultry, free range eggs and we market other local farmer’s products.  We have been farming the better portion of our lives and have been on this farm in northeast Pennsylvania since 1986.  We farm using organic (non-certified) and sustainable techniques.  No toxic chemicals, exceptional animal care and handling, strong customer relations, low input, solar based, forage based agriculture are elements of our farm’s foundation. To learn more about the farm, the internship, and how to apply, click the "read more" button.

They are a small (150 acre) grass based farm direct marketing all of their products.  They believe in and utilize humane handling of our animals, management intensive rotational grazing, on- farm poultry processing, relationship marketing.  They market our foods through an on-farm store, seasonal on-farm farmer’s market (Forks Farm Market), off farm farmer’s markets, buying clubs, wholesale markets and pre-ordered custom sales.

The farmer-apprentice handles the day-to-day chores and responsibilities of caring for approximately 50 head of beef cattle
(cow/calf & stocker), 50 hogs, 3200 pastured broilers, 300 laying hens, 250 pastured turkeys, 2 dogs, many cats and several hundred customers.  Daily feeding, watering, rotational grazing, processing (butchering), marketing and all aspects of farm food production will be experienced.

Skills required:  Willingness to learn, interest in animal husbandry, soil science, biology, intensive grazing, farm-scale poultry processing, drive a standard transmission, mechanical aptitude, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, forestry.  Job includes daily equipment operation – tractor, truck (standard transmission), power tools (chainsaw, brush cutter, hand tools).  Also computer, composting, electric fencing, food prep and culinary arts, personal relations, common sense, honesty, observance and sense of humour are required to perform everyday tasks.  You should be able to lift heavy weights as moving pasture pens and feed is a daily requirement. Should be self-motivated and comfortable working alone and with others.

Hours can be long and irregular – what ever it takes, a farmer is always on call.  You will work closely with our family, day workers, animals and customers.  Time off and opportunity for educational experience provided.

This is a position for someone who REALLY wants to learn how to farm and produce high quality, healthy food for the community!  You will work hard, eat well, sleep well, learn about yourself, sustainable agriculture and what it takes to produce food in a grass based environment.

You can learn more about Forks Farm at their website,, through facebook, and by speaking with their past interns (names and contact information gladly provided ).  References include: PASA (Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture), Stockman Grassfarmer, Holistic Resource Management International, The Savory Institute, Weston Price Foundation, Acres USA, writings of Joel Salatin, Micheal Pollen and Allan Savory.

If interested, contact: Forks Farm, 299 Covered Bridge Road, Orangeville, PA 17859, 570-683-5820,

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