Job: Farm Manager at Blenheim Hill Farm in Blenheim, NY

Job: Farm Manager at Blenheim Hill Farm in Blenheim, NY, 2012

Blenheim Hill Farm is seeking a Farm Manager to take charge of the overall planning, implementation, organization, and management of its farming activities. The individual must be hands-on and proficient in critical tasks involved with setting up a new farm -- clearing land, building infrastructure such as greenhouses, sheds and fences, as well as livestock and produce production. In addition to being hands-on, the individual needs to be skilled in strategic planning (both short-term and long-term), staffing, and financial management as described below. For all Responsibilities and Qualifications click MORE.

Specific Roles and Responsibilities:

Farm Planning / Development

-Participate in the overall short-term and long-term planning and development of Blenheim Hill Farm operations.

-Implement seasonal strategies for crop rotation, integrated pest management, soil amendment, cover cropping, tillage, propagation, transplanting, cultivation, harvesting, livestock management, etc.

-Set goals and milestones, both short term and long-term, and develop systems to monitor progress.

-Ensure that all farm practices comply with federal, state, and local government regulations (including the management of employees, activities, etc).

-Ensure that all practices protect the agricultural environment along with the farm’s natural resources and biodiversity.

-Establish, monitor, meet and exceed product quality control standards established for the farm (e.g. Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs), Organic Handling Plan, and/or other standards).


Budgeting / Financial Management

-Develop an annual farming budget linked to the Blenheim Hill Farm management plan and in consultation with the Project Director.

-Maintain spending within the approved budget.

-Monitor farm progress against annual budget and provide monthly progress reports of revenues and expenses.


Farm Facilities / Equipment Management

-Provide day-to-day management of all farm facilities and equipment, including maintenance, repair, and replacement schedules (equipment needs to be maintained at the level required to accomplish our goals).

-Procure necessary equipment, tools, and supplies for on-farm operations within approved budget.


Staffing / Supervision

-Recruit, hire, orient, train, motivate, supervise, and evaluate paid and volunteer workers.

-Oversee independent contractors in the repair and maintenance of overall farm infrastructure and in the construction of new grounds and facilities.

-Work with Project Director and accountant to assure that all labor regulations and payroll requirements are met.

-Apply and maintain all health and safety standards required by law and the farm safety plan.


Recordkeeping / Reporting / Communications

-Monitor and document all land use, irrigation, and produce yield/loses and report to Project Director.

-Maintain production records, and create and maintain records for crops, soil amendments, and field history as required for organic certification and for quality standards.

-Work with CSA manager to ensure all delivery scheduling is kept current, consistent, and in compliance with Blenheim Hill Farm™s goals.

-Serve as principle farm representative; interact with general public, subscribers, media, and project director and investors.

-Constantly communicate with Project Director, CSA Manager, and staff.



-Post-secondary degree (Associate’s; Bachelor’s preferred) in an appropriate discipline (e.g. plant science, horticulture, botany, agronomy, plant pathology, organic farming, greenhouse mgmt, etc.), AND a minimum of five years demonstrated experience managing a profitable, sustainable, organic vegetable farm with a significant CSA enrollment and/or other direct marketing activities; OR ten years experience managing a profitable, sustainable, organic vegetable farm with a significant CSA enrollment and/or other direct marketing activities.

-Demonstrated supervisory experience of staff, volunteers, and interns and successful experience in recruiting, hiring, and motivating workers.

-Demonstrated experience in budgeting and financial management.

-Demonstrated experience in operating and maintaining and variety of farm equipment appropriate for vegetable production.

-Effective written, verbal, and electronic communication skills

-Competence in using computer technology as a management tool (e.g. Excel, Word, Power Point, Access Internet, etc.)

-Strong leadership, teamwork, and interpersonal skills with proven ability to work with diverse audiences and collaborators.

-Valid NYS State driver’s license or equivalent.

-Creativity, energy, motivation, and positive enthusiasm.

-Current New York State Private Pesticide Applicators License or ability to obtain.

Interested candidates should email a brief cover letter and resume to  If you have any questions, you can call us at 212-514-8411.

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