Job: Organic Farm Assistant Manager—Washington/Baltimore Area

We are looking for an Assistant Farm Manager for our organic farms located in Maryland in the Washington-Baltimore area. Started over thirty years ago, we are an established, diversified organic operation on 185 acres.  We are primarily a value added enterprise and direct market most of our products to consumers and other organic farms.   We conduct on-farm research and are often involved with organic/sustainable issues at the state and national levels.

The Assistant Manager helps with daily activities and with expanding our operations: grass-based black angus beef, pastured chicken and turkeys (including on-farm processing), free range laying hens, grain and vegetable crops, forages, ground livestock feeds, and organic seed production.  Duties include: operation of tractors and farm equipment, care and feeding of livestock, and possible supervision of other staff/interns.  Duties also include assisting with new projects, such as, farm scale composting to recycle local food wastes; “green” energy and building projects; and expanding our farm tours.

Qualifications are:  demonstrated commitment to organic/sustainable/ local agriculture; desire to learn and to take on increasing levels of responsibility; prior experience working on a farm; ability, or willingness to learn, to operate tractors and implements; under supervision, carry out new projects. Desirable qualifications could include: prior experience on an organic farm or a grass-based livestock operation; related education; ability to maintain and do simple repairs on farm equipment; ability to weld, repair fencing, and do simple carpentry; familiarity with managing any of the following: row crops, vegetables, forages, dairy, beef, or poultry.

The Assistant Manager is an advanced entry level or mid-level position for a responsible and committed individual.  Salary commensurate with experience and abilities.  A house suitable for a small family and health insurance are available.

Submit a letter of interest with a resume or a description of your background.  Reply to:

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