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North Carolina Homesteading

Residents and Interns Wanted on North Carolina Homestead

Lane’s End Homestead is nestled in an idyllic valley in the southwestern tip of North Carolina.  We are located on 18 acres near the town of Brasstown, with about 1/4 acre developed in vegetable and herb production. In addition to organic vegetables, we grow a variety of herbs with a workshop for drying and processing herbs for teas, tinctures, salves and other kinds of herbal medicine. We have a small flock of chickens for egg production, beehives (when we can), shiitake mushroom logs, a vermiculture system, a small apple orchard, and a composting system for food waste and humanure.

We are currently in a transitional year as we seek to refocus our mission and listen deeply to how we as stewards of this land are called to fulfill its higher purpose.  We are not operating as a production farm at this time.  The food we grow will sustain Lane’s End residents and those who support us.  The herbs grown here will be made available to both residents and the local community.

In addition to operating as a homestead, Lane’s End also seeks to serve as a community hub.  An important role of those residing here is creating and maintaining a welcoming space for the local community.  We host regular potlucks, jams, and game nights, and we hope to add discussion groups and/or book clubs to that list in the near future.  We are also in the process of planning workshops to be hosted on the land.

We are seeking both interns for the coming growing season and long-term residents.  For interns, we’re looking for folks to live with us for 2-6 months, working 30 hours per week in the garden and on the land.  In exchange, interns will receive a room in the house (either private or shared), basic food staples, access to vegetables, eggs, and herbs from the land, and the opportunity to learn from the homesteading experience.  We’re not self-sufficient on the land by any means, but we are working toward it and are excited to share this journey with enthusiastic and interested folks.  It is our hope to offer you responsibility, challenge, and opportunities for growth.

For long-term residents, we’re looking for folks with tangible skills you’re already bringing to the homestead.  We’re open to working with the skills people come in with, though right now we’re particularly looking for community living experience, cooking, food preservation, gardening, farming, and other homesteading skills.  We are asking long-term residents for at least 45 hours per month (more time will likely be required as the growing season ramps up) in exchange for a room in the house and access to vegetables, eggs, and herbs from the land.  Long-term residents will be asked to take on more responsibility in the day-to-day operations and long-term visioning for the homestead, in particular providing mentorship for interns.  While we’re hoping for a one year(ish) commitment, we’re open to talking about individual needs and parameters.

All residents, be they long-term or interns, work together to ensure all homestead systems and responsibilities are covered on a daily basis.  Work will typically include care of the chickens and dog, watering and weeding, harvesting, garden bed prep, general landscaping/care of the land, herb processing, maintenance of compost systems, and various other projects that come up.  We share at least one meal per week together and engage in weekly house meetings.  There will be a 3-week trial period for all new residents as we mutually assess if we are a good fit for one another.  All applicants must be at least 21 years of age.

Lane’s End is a beautiful, nurturing space.  There’s something very special about this land.  Because of this, and because we live in community with one another, it’s important that visitors and residents share in our values.  We’re seeking folks who are kind, open-minded, playful, responsible, practice good self-care, communicate directly, honestly and compassionately, and possess a gentleness of spirit.  Respect for one another and the land is paramount, and we seek to create a safe space for all who grace this land with their presence.

Brasstown itself is home to a wonderful craft and arts community.  The John C. Campbell Folk School is just a few miles down the road and serves as the music, dance, and craft hub of the community.  We’re also lucky enough to be near wonderful hiking and mountain biking trails and beautiful rivers.  It’s a marvelous place to explore!

For more information about internships and residence on this North Carolina Homestead, please contact us at or 828.837.4279.  Thanks and blessings!

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