Urban Farm Manager Job in New York City

Project EATS a project of Active Citizen Project, is hiring for a New York City Urban Farm Manager Job Project EATS is currently hiring a New York City Farm Manager to farm, develop new farms and train apprentices in the art of small plot intensive urban agriculture.   Candidates are required to have experience in organic vegetable production and have the confidence to meet production minimums. Position begins in March. Salary mid-30,000. This farmer will work closely with farm apprentices and impart technical skills in order to build their confidence and competence in running urban market gardens. Project EATS is breaking ground on new farm land this Spring.  Project EATS farmers and the new Farm Manger will design and establish market gardens putting them into production and cover crop in Spring 2012.  Project EATS like most farming operations is fast paced and multi-dimensional.   It takes creativity and dedication to make a vacant lot produce vegetables and perennial crops, and it also takes an experienced agrarian to create the farming systems that will make this operation economically viable. If the challenge sounds like it is in your skill set we look forward to seeing your application. For position description and more information click "read more".

The Farm Manager should be have 2-3 years experience with all but not limited to the following:

– Organic vegetable production growing for market, CSA, and/or restaurant

– Greenhouse propagation

– Small plot intensive gardening, crop rotation and inter-cropping

– Soil fertility management and compost

– Facilitating or instructing farm skills to youth apprentices and volunteers

– Farm record keeping

– All applicants must posses a valid driver’s license

Project EATS creates neighborhood owned and operated urban food enterprises throughout New York City.   Through partnerships with schools and community based organizations, Project EATS take urban land and transforms it into farms that produce food for community farm stands and restaurants.   On the farms, we facilitate weekly sessions at public High Schools and one college that cover seed selection, composting, and best practices in urban soil management, as well as business planning. During the growing season we work with dedicated youth to train them in local food production enterprises by propagating, planting, harvesting and selling to restaurants and the community.  This spring we will launch four new farm sites within the city and venture into creating and marketing value added products.  If the challenge of re-inventing New York City’s relationship to its land sounds like a job you are up to then please send your resume to Linda Bryant lbryant@activecitizenproject.com

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