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Be Love Farm Apprentice Wanted in Northern California, 2017

This is an opportunity to learn practical regenerative agriculture on a very diverse 21 acre farm in Northern California. Our motto is,” Annuals under the protection of trees with the redemption of grasses”, as we follow the Oak Savannah model in our production. We  produce wine, olive oil, eggs, lamb, veggies, fruit, nuts and have a micro- dairy. We practice Biodynamic composting, alley cropping, silvopasture, planned grazing, no-till/low till, grafting, naturally fermented wine, artisan cheese making, fermented dairy products. One could learn any of the above as well as vegetable production, greenhouse management, pruning, sprout production, olive curing, kraut making, irrigation, poultry processing, etc. 

An apprentice at Be Love Farm is given a place to stay (two share a trailer) and we provide two meals (breakfast and lunch) everyday. For dinner you are on your own with access to the larder. Apprentices receive a monthly stipend of $50. Our expectation is that apprentices work 30-35 hours a week and we ask for a minimum of a 6 month commitment but prefer 1 year. There is the flexibility to work off farm for income.

The most important skill you will learn at Be Love Farm is how to navigate community. Being skillful in relationships is the key to any community, business or farm. We provide training in a set of tools that if used will enhance your ability to inspire workability and elicit love. 

Any interested people can send a letter of interest and resume to Thank you for your interest in Be Love Farm.

After 10 years of being urbanites in San Francisco, we returned to our rural roots and made our home on 21 acres in Pleasants Valley, California. We practice living in community with Matthew’s brother Scott, Uncle Mark, Berna, Rita, Javier, Various apprentices and a steady flow of visitors.

Be Love means that our being is the source of that which we seek, what we crave and hope to find in the forld of form resides in our hearts. We have included 26 additional acres just down the road by partnering with Shankar Venkataraman and Hillview Organics.

Matthew & Terces Engelhart

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