Beginning Farmer Events in Virginia This May

beginning farmer events in Virginia

Beginning Farmer Events in Virginia –  May, 2017

May 2: Drone Technology Applications for Small Farms (Petersburg, VA)

May 2: Mitigating Potential Impacts of Neonicotinoid Insecticides on Wetland Ecosystems (Webinar)Participants will learn about opportunities to mitigate for potential risks of neonicotinoid insecticides to aquatic systems.

May 4 – September 7: Sharing Knowledge & Building Community: An Educational Series for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers (Catawba, VA)

May 4: Richardson Beef Farm Tour (Orange, VA) Join us on this fantastic tour – just one of our May beginning farmer events in Virginia.

May 4: Agricultural Decision Tools form the Cornell Climate Smart Farming Program and the Network for Environment and Weather Applications (Webinar)Participants will learn how to navigate the Network for Environment and Weather Applications (NEWA) and Cornell Climate Smart Farming (CSF) Program websites and use their agricultural decision-making tools based on weather and climate.

May 6: Pasture Management for Small Ruminants and Horse Care & Boarding (Danville, VA)

May 9: USDA Programs Information Session (South Hill, VA): Many services exist on the federal, state and local level to assist small farmers and ranchers. However, often those who are new to farming and ranching are lost in a maze of government alphabet soup as they try to access these services. This workshop is designed to help small farmers learn how to take advantage of these valuable programs and provide them with critical information vital to the success of their farming or ranching enterprise.

May 9: Pest Management from an Ecological Framework (Webinar)This webinar will focus on ecological management of agricultural pests (insects and slugs); and, it will emphasize the importance of pairing soil health practices with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to ensure that gains in soil health are not degraded by unnecessary pesticide use.

May 16: Southside Sustainable Ag Tour (Brunswick, Mecklenburg, & Halifax Counties)

May 17: Quickbooks Workshop (Petersburg, VA): QuickBooks is a software program that can help you do everyday financial tasks quickly. Create invoices and track sales, stay on top of your expenses, and gain insights into your business.

May 17: USDA NRCS Strikeforce Coutny Workshop Series (Greensville): Small Farm Outreach Agents and representatives from USDA agencies including the Natural Resource and Conservation Service (NRCS) and Farm Service Agency (FSA) will host a local demonstration workshop that provides information on available NRCS programs and opportunities as well as a variety on-site educational demonstrations on topics including drip irrigation, high tunnel production, no-till vs. conventional farming, and pasture grazing

May 17: Weather Variability and Its Impacts on Forest Health (Webinar)This webinar will discuss the impact weather and climate have on forest health and productivity. We will discuss short- and long-term impacts of droughts, floods, winds, and ice on insect and fungal populations and damage in southern forests.

May 18: Grant Writing Workshop (Petersburg, VA): This introductory workshop will help you become familiar with how to find, prepare and write a grant proposal to help provide financial resources for your project.

May 18: Start a Sheep and Goat Meat Enterprise (Petersburg, VA): Are you interested in raising your own sheep or goats? Join us at Virginia State University for a class on starting out with small ruminants. Sheep and goats can be raised to provide meat, milk, and fiber.  They can also be raised for 4-H projects, clearing brush from an area or simply as pets.  Whatever your interest, this class covers all the basics you need to start your enterprise.  Just one of many great beginning farmer events in Virginia this May.

May 23: Farm Transition & Estate Planning Workshop (Woodford, VA): This workshop will provide information and guidance on the decisions you can make today to help you plan and achieve financial and personal goals for the future!

May 24: Nutrient Management Planning and Bay Boat Tour (Virginia Beach, VA)

May 25: Cover Crops, Grow Your Own Nutrients (Warrenton, VA)

May 27 – June 11: Permaculture Design Course (Victoria, VA)Join us at the emerging Permaculture and agroforestry site of Cricket’s Cove Farm. An ideal learning site which includes several existing enterprises and water harvesting agroforestry systems at various stages of growth. You will learn how to use design to transform your environment into a sustainable and regenerative system. You will learn to design from pattern to detail applying strategy to select appropriate techniques and technologies. Empowered by these tools you can create a world of abundance for yourself and those around you.

Please consider participating in some of these beginning farmer events in Virginia.

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